K-Ann International was established by the Yamon-Kotake family as a language training school designed to cater to individuals who wish to be fluent in English and Japanese for applicable uses in their education and jobs.

Aside from conducting group classes and one-on-one tutorials, it also accepts translation and interpretation works for Nihongo. It also branched out as an employment/ artist training center accredited by government agency (TESDA) that sent talents to work abroad facilitated by its long-term partnerships with different entertainment entities in Japan.

Through sheer hard work, K-Ann was able to build its own buildings (a five-storey “Old” building and a combined four-storey and three-storey “New” building) in the 80's to house its head office, dormitories and family restaurant business.

Aside from the K-Ann International language school, the buildings are now leased to another Tesda training and assessment school, two law offices, a Christian church, an event/conference venue, dry goods storage warehouse and other business offices.

In 2010, K-Ann applied and acquired Tesda registration for conversion into a full-fledged technical vocational school. The move was aimed at helping students especially those from the low-income sector of the society to obtain access to quality vocational-technical education at affordable costs. Aside from offering Japanese and English Language Proficiency courses, it also offered Health Care Services NC II, Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC I and II and Information Technology allied courses. Now on its ninth year as a Tesda school, it has helped its many students obtain gainful employment locally and in many countries abroad.

As part of its continuing thrust, K-Ann has embarked on other business opportunities aimed at widening its presence. It is now actively leasing major parts of its building.

It is also expanding Teatro Cantina, its family restaurant business, into a large-scale all-events and entertainment venue. Finally, it plans to develop its real estate properties in Bacoor and Dasmarinas by constructing residential townhouses and mixed-use buildings which are intended for sale and rent.

K ・ アン ・ インターナショナルの歴史

K ・ アン ・ インターナショナルは、ヤモン - 個人の外国語と日本語の翻訳サービスを求めて望んでいるに応えるために 1980 年の日本語と英語塾として主に小竹家族によって設立されました。 それはまた法律事務所、ドラッグ ストア、旅行代理店、コピー学校用品ディーラーなど混合の占有の様々 なテナントに K アンの建物の部分をリースすることによってレンタル事業に従事。


t フォー(4)コースは、最初は学校すなわちヘルスケアサービスNCIIによって提供されました。メタルアーク溶接NC IとIIをシールド。日本語能力コース、英語能力コース。その後、情報技術とその同盟コースが追加されました。