K-ANN Building – Leasing

K- Ann Building is a combination of 3 adjacent buildings (a five-storey building (back) and a four-storey/three-storey building (front) that houses the main office of K-Ann International Inc. It was completed in the 80's and has been leased for various business and commercial uses to different tenants and lessees. The building still accepts tenants/lessees for its available commercial spaces that are opened for rent.

At present, the following are the current occupants and tenants of the building:

K-Ann front building

4-Storey Front Building

  • Ground Floor:
  • A-1 (4-storey front building)
  • Meet-1 Dry Goods Storage
  • VJ Batangas Lomi House
  • A-2 (3-storey front building)
  • K-Ann Internation Inc. Office
  • Second Floor:
  • To God be the Glory - Dasmarinas Satellite Church
  • Hermosa Law Office
  • Mortera Law/Surveying Office
  • Third Floor:
  • Tradecraft Training/Assessment
  • Fourth Floor:
  • Teatro Cantina – Family Entertaiment Restaurant

5-storey back building

  • Ground Floor/Second Floor
  • Primegem Enterprises
  • Second Floor:
  • K-Ann Language Rooms
  • Third Floor:
  • Deborah Events Studio
K-Ann front building


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