English Language Proficiency Course

  • Recommended for professionals; students in all levels, contact center employees, job-seekers; IELTS/TOEFL applicants, immigrants and others.

  • Teaches LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING, and WRITING SKILLS in the English language;

  • Intensive grammar review; pronunciation drills; accent training and remediation;

  • Public speaking, interview skills; and other oral/written communication needs;

  • Class size: Special (one-to-one); Group class (at least 5 students);

  • Schedule of Classes: Monday to Saturday (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p. m.; Home Tutorial classes available subject to prior arrangement with instructor;

  • Numbers of learning hours: 40 hours; 80 hours; 120 hours; 150 hours; and

  • Tuition fee varies with the number of hours selected. Full tuition or at least 50% of the tuition fee payable on enrollment.

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