Welcome to K-Ann International, Inc.

…. Combining KNOWLEDGE and KNOW-HOW towards endless possibilities …

With open arms and sincere hearts we welcome you to our school, K-Ann International, Inc.

Our school was established with the noble intention of stressing the values of hard work and excellence in the minds of our students. We believe that this is do-able and possible.

K-Ann has firm commitment to offer high quality education using advanced technical know-how available. We rise up to the challenge of helping all persons improve the quality of their lives through work. This can only be done if they are given opportunities to find better jobs after schooling.

We realize that finding good education nowadays commands a higher price and extra expenses. Not at K-Ann! K-Ann guarantees quality knowledge and know-how at easy affordable costs. We can assure our students that once they complete their training with us; they can be readily qualified for employment here and abroad.

Please accept our heartfelt invitation to allow K-Ann be an important part of journey in your learning and life. Thank you!

K-Ann International School Building