Message From The President

I have always believed the importance of education in our lives. Whatever may be your status in life, whether you are rich or poor, education is the greatest factor that will narrow the gap between us in all aspects of life.

I am a living example of the wonders of education. I came from a middle-class and humble family. May parents saw to it that we attended school regularly. They believe that good education is the best form of inheritance a child could acquire in life.

My vivid experiences while studying during my younger years strengthened my resolve to build a school someday to help the underprivileged but deserving students. I have always thought of helping people change their lives for the better.

I finished college, worked hard, and built a family. Now, I have extended my family by building a school, K-Ann International, Inc. I call my school a home because I put a lot of heart and mind in it.

It is my life-long commitment to make this school a refuge and a haven to all people. I can assure you that my heart is big enough to accommodate all of you. With my full affection,



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